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The HTML Email "Big List of Support Documents" Page

Information & Troubleshooting Resources


Netscape / Sun Developer Information

Cannot receive any emails in HTML format using messenger

Creating HTML mail messages in Navigator 3.0 (and lower)

Netscape 4 Release Notes

Netscape 6 Release Notes

Netscape Style Sheets Known Issues



(Including an AOL Browser Features and Functionality Table)

AOL Webmaster Information


Microsoft Products

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Outlook E-mail Security Update Information

How Outlook Renders HTML


Misc. Documents

A Browser Support List (Webmonkey)



Earthlink Email Information


HTML email research resources

Web Marketing Today, Issue 97, March 1, 2001

ClickZ Network


Misc. Resources

Setting up HTML Email Signatures in Outlook

Growing Acceptance of HTML Email & E-zines

Scripts and HTML email

Turning off MIME/HTML email formatting

How Well Can Your Audience Read HTML? - ClickZ (March 29, 2001)

The Art of Email Design - ClickZ (October 2, 2000)

To HTML... or Not to HTML? - ClickZ (January 24, 2000)

Sending email with ASP & HTML

All about HTML Email - Webmonkey (February 26, 1998)

HTML Threading: Conventions for use of HTML in email - W3.org (January 1998)

Sending HMTL Email - about.com

How HTML Email Invades Your Privacy - about.com

Notes on Constructing MIME HTML Bulk Messages

Misc. programs

Anti-HTML email program

Please feel free to email me at info@florentinedesign.com in order to add / remove documents you think would help improve this growing list of resources.

Cheers! - TemplateKit

Written by Thomas Granger

Florentine Design Group is a coalition of web designers, marketers, artists, animators, and other hired guns who work in the start-up arena. Sometimes cheap, sometimes for free, always getting the job done. If you can find them, maybe you can hire them....just like the A-Team..grrrr

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