Can I modify your templates? How do I replace images?

Yes, you can edit the source graphics (images, backgrounds, certain objects) in an image editor such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Corel, etc.. or replace them with your own. Otherwise, you can change all of the various text button, copy, body paragraphs and elements inside of Flash. We make good use of Flash's own tools so you do not need to go to outside programs to make changes.

You may also easily add sections to your templates or change the navigation to include drop down boxes to increase the number of sections even further.

Note: You need to edit with a copy of Flash to use the Flash templates. I know this seems obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many times we get asked this. We also have Swish Templates available here. which is a more simplier version of Flash.

Can you modify the template(s) for me?

Unfortunately, at the purchase price of each template, we do not have the time to help everyone individually with each of their projects, or else we'd quickly be out of business. We do provide customization services for an extra charge though. If you require additional sections we can custom quote based on your requirements.

What is the difference between the "freebie" templates and the "commercial" templates.

Templates in our Freebie Section, meaning, the ones you can get from our website without having to pay for them, are provided as a learning resource for your personal development. Many are from our staff here at FDG WEB, or have been submitted by various designers and other members of the authoring community for your enjoyment. You are free to use them in personal or non-commercial projects. Tear them apart and learn from what's inside. It's a great way to develop your own style and learn new skills.

What is the proper usage of Template Kit Commercial Templates?

  • Website & Multimedia design (commercial and personal)
  • Games, CD-ROMs, Presentations (online, tradeshows, etc)
  • Use in within commercial productions such as music, TV, movies, etc.

What is illegal usage?

  • Reselling or giving away our templates and/or source code in their original form for any purpose (see the rest of this list for details)
  • Redistribution of our templates and/or source code in their original form as part of another product or service.

If I design a site for a client using your templates, can I sell it to them?

Of course. The only time you would ever need to be concerned about is if you provided our code to a client who wanted it for the sole purpose of reselling the design.


Another Template Website, Software product or other distribution. Please contact us if you have questions info@templatekit.com it can save both you and your client a lot of trouble.

When and how will I get my templates?

Templates are delivered via download link or by email after the credit card processing clears. This can take up to 24 hours if you place an order with an UNVERIFIED PayPal address, or use a web-based email address from know trouble spots or networks.

Paypal orders are processed as soon as they are received, however, they often require a manual send and will only be fulfilled during the hours of 8am - 8pm PST.

I lost my download link, can I redownload?

Yes, downloads are available in your account for up to 30 days.

Do you give educational, religious organization or charity discounts?

Certainly, please contact us here for more information, please include your institution name and the product(s) you are interested in and we'll set it up for you.

SWISH Template Pack FAQ

The file will not open in Swish.

Do you have the latest version of Swish 2.0? This is important because earlier versions of the software are not always backwards compatible. We've seen this before and when people get the latest version, the problem goes away.

PowerPoint Template FAQ

Q: I get an error message when I click on document link?

A: This happens when the organizer or browser program can't find your document. It is usually a single registry setting that is causing the problem.

  • Look at the line that tells you the installed location of the kit on the front page of your Template Kit organizer application (propkit.exe). The installed path is taken from the registry when the kit is run. If this is not the actual root install path to the kit materials the links to the documents will not work (default is c:\TemplateKit\TK Backgrounds\)

    Note: If you see a double backslash in a file path it is not a problem.

  • You must run the program from the same computer it was installed on. If you installed the kit on a network and are running it from a different computer, the registry will not have the install path set on the networked computer.
  • Your computer must have browser software installed already. If you do not have file associations for the document you are clicking you may get an error. (i.e. if you click the HTML document link, you must have the browser associated with it, rather than an HTML editor).
  • You may need to reinstall the kit. This may reinstall and repair the registry settings used by the kit. If your installation was not completed properly the registry may not have been setup
  • If your registry was damaged or changed by another means that caused the registry settings for the kit to disappear or change then the links to the kit materials will not work. Reinstall the kit to reset the registry settings. Make sure to save any customized documents if you have saved them in your Template Kit folder.

Q: Is your kit a computer program?

A: Our kits are a series of HTML documents, thumbnails, images, and backgrounds. We make use of common existing applications / browsers Optional programs you can use also include a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop. You may also instantly make use of the kit by using your existing application associations.

Q: Do you have a Mac version?

A: Yes, all of our resources are available via FTP for Mac users as well, or on CD-ROM by request. PC users can download self-installing executable versions.

Q: Is this available on CD-ROM and how big are the kits?

A: The kits are downloadable from the web site. You will be sent the download location and passwords after you place your order and we process it. The CD-ROM version is available for an additional charge (usually $15.00 + shipping) For International orders, we recommend that you select the download version. International orders are sent via Air Mail twice a week and require customs forms to be filled out. An additional tariff may be assessed by your country's postal service. There is no such tariff for downloads. Consult your local postal service for more information.

Q: How do we start using our kit?

A: First start by reading the Template Kit Tips document, then the rest of the documents. Familiarize yourself with each document and the interactions with the other documents . Once you are familiar with the images & documents you can tailor them to your own business needs. We have provided a framework & collection for you to mold to your needs to create a number of presentations & presentation backgrounds more easily and consistently.

Q: How do we use the animated backgrounds?

A: Important: Currently neither the "Pack and Go" function or Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer support Active X controls. To use animated backgrounds in your PowerPoint presentations you must have PowerPoint 97 +. Consult your product user's guide for more details. This may result in your animations not playing under certain viewers.

For more information about compatibility and Active X control see the following links:

Additional Information on Adding a Shockwave Flash Control to a Slide in PowerPoint

Flash & PowerPoint 2000 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;Q250974&

Flash and PowerPoint 2002 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q291875

Macromedia's Flash & PowerPoint Information

Using Flash movies in PowerPoint 2000

A note about background colors, your active x control box & animated clips.

The default seems to be -1 in the properties box after you insert your Active X control and point it at a flash/shockwave file. Try changing the value to "0" if you have a dark background. You should be able to view your SWF file.

HTML Email Pack

Q: Is HTML Email Pack a Software program?

A: HTML Email Pack is a collection of 24 different Email Templates (HTML) which can be easily adapted for nearly any Email Marketing task you require. You may send the HTML in the body of your email; send it as an attachement; or use it as stationary in Outlook or other common email programs.

Q: What's the fastest way to get my HTML into an Email?

A: In your email client: You must not have your HTML Editor set to WORD Select TOOLS >> OPTIONS >> MAIL FORMAT Uncheck : Use Microsoft Word to edit Email Messages. NEW >> Select FORMAT >> HTML in the message format. Open up the .htm message you want to send in Internet explorer, select EDIT, Select ALL, COPY Paste everything into your new email message, and hit send...

Q: Is there a better way?

A: There are a great deal of programs currently on the market which allow you to detect whether your recipient can read HTML or Text Email and display the appropriate version accordingly. For more information on this topic, click here.

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