Web Development Contracts

Contract Pack Professional

CODE: CP-Professional

An all-inclusive contract bundle of all 6 of our Contract Pack template collections (IT/Software/Hardware, Web and Graphic Design, Human Resources,... More

Proposal Kit Web Freelancer

CODE: PK-Web-Freelancer


Contractors Contract Pack


Designed specifically for contractors. Includes contracts, agreements, forms and letters. Covers a wide range of projects (hourly services, retainers,... More

Estimate Pack

CODE: Estimate-P

Estimate Pack contains a collection of project costing spreadsheets used to help estimate the cost of a project. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Web Freelancer Contract Pack

CODE: Web-Freelancer-CP

Designed specifically for small scale web site developers and graphic designers. Includes contracts for small web site and design projects. See our... More
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